Show Your Support for the Quarter Mile Cure

This is the Quarter Mile Cure's Donation Center.

OK guys the time has come. All the area race tracks are gearing up for this season's race events. I am in high hopes that with your help and my determination we can finally get our foot in the door with a few of our local race teams and really make a name for ourselves. 

  Any help you can give will help with track expenses, advertising, campaigning, and filling in where needed for outside sourced help. 

My goals for this season is to make something near and dear to many Americans that have suffered from military combat related issues into something amazing that will give back to those who have given so much.

  The Quarter Mile Cure is geared to help our wounded vets find a place on the race track enjoying one of life's most pleasurable sports. Drag racing is not only a ton of fun it's a great way to release stress and anxiety.

My goals for the future are to have multiple vehicles fitted with hand and foot controls to accommodate a variety of needs. My plan is to help others see there is no limit to what our men and women of arms can do no matter what stands in the way.

 With your help we can make this dream possible. 

The Quarter Mile Cure is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization listed charity with the United States Internal Revenue Service.

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