About The Quarter Mile Cure (TQMC)

"The Quarter Mile Cure" (TQMC) is a non-profit organization focused on sharing the thrill of drag racing with our military members returning from deployment and who may be dealing with multiple obstacles while acclimating back into their family life and communities.

Through the support of families, our community, and the private sector, TQMC hopes to gain access to the great world of drag racing. With personal experience, our founder Jonathan Brinkley, has discovered the release and exhilaration provided by this sport.

TQMC believes that by allowing our Veterans to explore this avenue of courage, freedom and control, this will in turn offer them the ability to regain confidence as well as decrease stress & anxiety through the power of these vehicles.

Here at TQMC, we want to show that exposure to the racing atmosphere provides empowerment and self-confidence by understanding the intricacy of drag racing, and we hope to rally the support of racing associations, private parties, and our Warriors themselves to one day build vehicles specially designed to accommodate the needs of our Veterans.. Only through donations and endorsements can this happen.

Please help "The Quarter Mile Cure" in returning to these valiant men & women, the pride and security they have allowed us to have today.